Civil Engineer

• 1990 Bachelor Degree in civil engineer from Damascus University
• 2008 Certified Engineer Consultant in the field of studies from Syrian Order Syndicate Damascus
• 2018 Master of earthquakes Geotechnics at the Higher earthquakes Institute, Damascus University
• Member of Archiline Engineering Consulting in Damascus
• 2011 Member of the International Earthquake Commission
• 2009 – now : private Engineering Office working in several project study and supervision in Damascus and suburbs
• 2007 -2009 Nigeria in Marine oil company Study of buildings and metal structures with full execution
• 2004 – 2007 : Working in Syria in Barzah Masaken , Domar and studying a resistance to earthquakes buildings
• 2001 -2003 Working in Nigeria with a EXA company in several projects, which is mosque with four Minarets each one high 45 m in Gusau
• 1997 - 2001 Work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of construction Studies and execution in high buildings and roads
• Work in the Old Damascus
Experience in strengthening the archaeological buildings
• Work in the Ministry of Tourism
Experience in strengthening the modern buildings

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