Civil Engineer

• 1982 Bachelor Degree in civil engineer from Damascus University
• 2002 Certified Engineer Consultant in the field of studies from Syrian Order Syndicate Damascus
• Member of Archiline Engineering Consulting in Damascus
• 1997 – NOW : private Engineering Office
- Studies, supervision and execution of many residential cooperatives
- The construction study of the 1468 DOMAR
- The construction study of a block in the Assad Library Association DOMAR project
- Studying and executing the reinforcement of a number of records in the residential suburb of Al-Assad
•1992 – 1997 Engineer in the National Theater Project
- Structural study of metal for technical halls in the main theaters
- Study the project timetable and follow up the work of the program according to program PRIMAVERA
• 1983 – 1992 :Studies engineer in the military housing institution
- Construction study of many villas and residential buildings and services throughout Syria
- Structural and mineral studies of many laboratories

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