•1986 Bachelor Degree of Architecture from Damascus University
• Member of Archiline Engineering Consulting in Damascus
•1993 – now: private Office : architectural & executive studies, decoration , with execution and Supervision
• 2018 – now : supervision of execution Julia Domena Hotel .
• 2012 - 2014 Apartments and villas study and execution of the villages of Assad and Ma'ar Sidnaya
• 2009 - 2014 Studies and supervision of the execution of the entire facilities, restaurants, villas and motels of the project of moons resort
• 1998 - 2012 Studies and execution of companies, offices, villas, medical centers and apartments
•1993 - 2002 Decoration studies and finishes Villas and apartments Medical clinics, motels, swimming pools, restaurants
• 1987 - 1993 at the Ministry of Tourism:
Head of Architectural Department, Department of Studies:
_Member of the committees of the development of Nurmat tourist facilities and the study of the Hotel Hasaka
- Wings of the Ministry of Tourism at the Damascus International Fair and the Flower Exhibition and the extension of the handicrafts market and the restoration of the annexation of Tekiyyah Sulaymaniyah branch of the Commission and Tartous Information Center
_ Engineer in the Department of Architectural Studies Department - Member of committees to select sites for tourist projects in Al-Qamishli, Ras Al-Ain, Al-Hasakah, Tartous - Member of committees of tourism projects, documentation and studies such as:
General Authority branch in Hama, hotel and station Karnak company in Homs, Karnak company in Deir Ezzor, Irwad Island organization, Daraa tourist hotel,Audit of licenses for tourist projects
• 1988 - 1987 Works in private offices Studies and execution of projects for private offices and companies such as: Commercial and cultural complex in Homs, Restaurant and swimming pool of Bloudan Road, Offices and shops for building in Al-Qassa'a, religious cultural complex in Dubai, grain storage and unloading center
• 1980-1983: During the academic year: Assistant engineer in the implementation of the military housing institution and trained in the offices of the Urban Unit

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