Riad Hannoush

CEO - Architect

•1987 Bachelor Degree of Architecture from Damascus University
• 2007 Certified Engineer Consultant from Syrian Order Syndicate Damascus (in the field of execution )
• 2012 Engineer Consultant from Syrian Order Syndicate Damascus in the (in the field of architectural studies )
• Member of Archiline Engineering Consulting in Damascus
• 2013 -2018: In Dubai Quick & Chique co . works in interior design for several shops and villas
• 1993–2013 managing director of Archiline office (Company for architectural designing and execution.)
• 2008 – 2012 : several villas in Yaafour
• 2008 design and execution Steel tech Offices ADRA
• 2006 design Med Steel Offices ADRA
• 2005 Consulate of the Philippines in Damascus
• 2004 Arab Writers Union Building SYRIATEL OFFICES
• 2003 United Group Company UG Design and execution of the factory building and office Deir Ali
• 1994 – 2002: Interior and exterior design and execution of several villas in the city of Damascus and its suburbs .
- execution of several apartments in Damascus (works include interior and exterior designing )
- Designing and execution of commercial buildings and offices.
• 1988–1993 architect in the Administration of local services Damascus a Supervisor of schools buildings execution.

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